Monastery and Great Silence

Grande Chartreuse MonasteryThe Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse

At 1190 m altitude, 2 km above the museum, the monastery can only be reached by foot. In 1084, St Bruno settled into a small hermitage in the base of this valley and, for over 900 years, it has been home to a monastic way of life…

The Grande Chartreuse is the Order's Mother House. Since it was founded, over 350 Charterhouses have been created in the world. After the Reformation, only 200 remained. At the time of the French revolution, all the Charterhouses in France had to be closed. Today, 25 monasteries throughout the world are home to 350 monks and nuns.

Into Great Silence (2005)

This movie about la Grande Chartreuse shows for the first time the lives of these men who decided to live into Great Silence. Philip Gröning, the movie director, had to wait 16 years before being afforded the privilege to share their lives and make a film without music or commentary. More than a movie, this is a true invitation to meditation and silence.

162 min. Philip Gröning. Germany, 2005


Jury's special award at the Sundance Film Festival 2006

Bayerischen Filmpreis award for the best documentary of 2005 in Germany

Into Great Silence